Advantages of Dubai Dental Veneers

Wondering how you can improve your smile without spending so much money and time? Thanks to modern dentistry, you can now have whiter, even, and beautiful teeth in just a few steps! Ask your dentist about Dubai dental veneers to get those pearly white teeth without the pain!

What Are Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are made of medical-grade porcelain that has the texture, shine, and appearance of natural human teeth. These are very thin and can be shaped into the right form to match the real teeth of the patient. They are easy to make and not as expensive as other cosmetic dental procedures.

For dental veneers, there are many different options when it comes to the shading and the size of the veneers. When you decide to have them, you will have to choose the right veneers with your dentist.

How Are Dental Veneers Made

Thinking of getting veneers to improve your smile? The first step is to go to your dental clinic like Bright Smile – Best Dental Clinic in Dubai where you can have a dental checkup with your dentist. Why is this necessary? It is because before the veneers are made, your dentist has to make sure you that you don’t have any problems with your teeth such as cavities, gums issues, and teeth that need to have some filling or need to be extracted. Everything needs to be in perfect health before your dentist places the veneers.

After the checkup, if you don’t have any dental issues, your dentist can proceed with cleaning or preparing your teeth for the veneers. Of course they will not have your veneers yet, the cleaning is just to make sure you have good teeth once they put the veneers. Once the cleaning is done, your dentist will now choose with you the right shade for your veneers that will match your natural teeth color. There are also different sizes and shapes for veneers so those also need to match your natural teeth.

Once you and your dentist have chosen the right veneers, they will be sent to the dental lab so they reproduce them for you. That usually takes about 2 weeks or so until the veneers arrive.

When your veneers are ready, your dentist will ask you to come for the bonding process. So what happens is that your dentist will file the surface of your teeth in order to make the bonding process even stronger and for the veneers to adhere better. Depending on how many veneers are going to be put in place, the entire process may take about 2-3 hours so just remember that it is better if you don’t schedule any more appointments on the day you are going to get your veneers so that you are also not in a hurry and will be comfortable on the dentist’s chair.

Once all the veneers have been put to place on your teeth, your dentist will just advice you on the do’s and don’t’s while your veneers are still bonding.